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Why use Hubup?

With the proliferation of social networks and their growing popularity the worlds of search engine optimization and social media marketing are changing. As more people and businesses become active in social networks, search engines are accordingly giving more importance to social activities. Read about Google’s social data hub

Search engine algorithms are beginning to incorporate more receptors which respond to social signals. Social activities such as likes, votes, shares, retweets, bookmarks, social links, comments, +1s, etc. are becoming increasingly important and weighted in search algorithms. The activities offered by HubUp provide advertisers with a simple, effective and safe way to increase social signals which are received directly by Google and provide users with a great way to monetize social influence while retaining control.

Here is how it works

  • Define
  • Bid
  • Tap
  • Target
  • Expose
  • Expand
  • Define Screen
    Hubup Client

    Deifne your target audiences, including specific interests and geographic location.

  • Bid Screen
    Hubup Client

    Bid on social activities- votes, reshares, and bookmarks- in social networks integrated with Google

  • Tap Screen
    Hubupper Client

    Tap into a database of real users with real influence

  • Target Screen
    Hubupper Client

    Activities are performed by users with interests relevant to the content

  • Expose Screen
    Hubup Client

    Your content is exposed to the right people

  • Expand Screen
    Hubup Client

    Your social media hub is strengthened and gets more Google love

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Increase your social presence

Strengthen your media hub and get more Google love

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