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Become a Hubupper


As an active social networker your natural social activities get noticed by search engines and by your friends/followers.

Hubup connects you with relevant advertisers who want to increase their social presence and market themselves socially. Advertisers order social shares, votes and bookmarks (social activities) and select the level of social influence they want the Hubupper (that’s you!) to have. With Hubup you’re only offered to promote content relevant to your interests and you always have a choice on whether to accept an offer or not. Earnings are based on the activity ordered and the strength of your social profile and you always know how much you’ll be paid for an activity ahead of time.

Connect with us

Check out our list of social networks and see which ones you are already part of- then connect your account to Hubup in one easy click. If you fulfill the requirements you’ll become a verified Hubupper.

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Plurk
  • Google+
  • Pocket
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

Your influence, your control

Once you become a Hubupper your interests will be matched with the advertising opportunities that are most relevant to you. This means you will only see offers which are related to your interests. Also, each offer clearly displays the payment you will receive if you take it. In this way Hubup provides you up-front with the essential information you need in order to decide which offers to accept and where to make yourself heard. This ensures you have 100% control over how you choose to use your influence.

Get paid

Hubup makes it possible for you to earn money for the organic engagement you are already generating on a daily basis. For every social activity you successfully complete, the displayed payment will be deposited into your PayPal account. Payment for activities is based on the depth of your reach (the number of people in your network), your ratio of following versus followers, and your strength in each of your interests.

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you have a minimum of $25 in your account.

See your influence

Hubup takes your Influence score from each network you’ve connected to Hubup and compiles it into a master Hubup score. In your Hubup profile you can see the score, your overall reach, your reach in each network, your following versus followers ratio and a graph of the strength of your interests. Also, see which of your friends have become Hubuppers and compare Hubup scores with them. The more networks you connect to Hubupper, the stronger your interests graph will become and the higher your payments will be.

Become a HubUpper Monetize your social influence