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Real users

Hubuppers are active, long-time users of the social networks they publish in and must fulfill strict requirements before they can join the Hubup team.


Activities are only offered to Hubuppers whose interests match the campaign’s content creating highly relevant exposure.

Full Control

Select your audience, social activity and social networks and define your end target. Plus, select the Hubupper’s minimum level of social influence.

Real Time Monitoring

See the status of your campaign activity in real time and make changes in real time to adjust for trends and performance.

Google Integration

Hubup offers activities in social networks integrated with Google’s social data hub- that means Hubup activities get more Google attention.

Flexible Pricing

The straightforward bidding system means there are no minimum social activities to order- Hubup enables high quality SMO for every pocket.

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Increase your social presence

Strengthen your media hub and get more Google love

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